About E. coli

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Ambassel Ehtiopian Cuisine & Bar E. coli Outbreak

In early March of 2013, Seattle-King County Public Health announced that it had closed Ambassel Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar after determining that the Central District restaurant was the source of an E. coli O157:H7 outbreak.  The restaurant was cited for 5 food safety violations, including the E. coli outbreak.  Other violations included improper handwashing, improperly sanitized equipment, and risk of cross-contamination—all of which could have contributed to E. coli spreading within the restaurant.

According to the health department, at least 3 people became ill with E. coli infections after eating food made at the Ethiopian restaurant. 

The specific cause of the E. coli outbreak at Ambassel Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar had not been identified as of March 7, 2013. 

Q:  What should I do if I think I’m part of the E. coli outbreak?

If you believe you became ill with an E. coli infection after eating food at Ambassel Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar, contact your local health department or a physician so you can be tested and the source of your illness can be investigated.